digital solutions

— Our Identity

Who we are

We get recognized because of our professional approach, drive, customer focus and ability to make quick adjustments. The foundation of INVINITIV are the loyal people who work here and the products we develop.

— Our Ventures

what we do

Every organization within INVINITIV has their own specialty in the digital domain: A balanced combination of product, market and technology. SelfGuide develops work instructions software for user adoption, ExplainiT is training thousands of people to improve digital skills, IT2IT makes sure your IT infrastructure is working correctly and The Backbone monitors your IT environment.

— Our vision

Where we are going

Current and future challenges for organizations have to do more and more with the rapid technological development. We strive to help people perform better in the digital domain. We aim to realize this with a professional group of colleagues in which our software is globally competitive.

We are on a mission to improve digital skills of people all around the world. Want to join us in our mission? We are looking for passionate people to strengthen our team!

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