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Why work at invinitiv?

Competitive Benefits

INVINITIV strives to offer competitive and fair compensation in the form of money and fringe benefits. You'll have room to grow both professionally and personally.

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You strive to improve yourself as a professional. You will get everything you need to master certain skills and are free to choose your path.

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You have the freedom to solve problems your way. You are given the tools you need to succeed in solving these, the rest is up to you!

Informal Culture

Working hard together, playing hard together. We work hard ánd we enjoy some time throwing darts and eating lunch together.

Modern Atmosphere

We don't like strict hierarchy at the workplace, output is the most important and we don't clock time.

Team Activities

A few times a year we organize activities for the whole company. Think off a BBQs, escape rooms, Christmas drinks and casino nights.

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where you will work

Enjoy the green area surrounding the office

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Relax during getaways

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Play pool with colleagues

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Use the Creative Studio for multimedia purposes

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Aim for the bull and impress your colleagues

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Enjoy our spacious office

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Use professional meeting rooms

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Appreciate the nature around the office

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