Privacy statement

This Privacy Statement is dated 06-07-2018. The text may be amended if necessary.

Personal Data and Usage

INVINITIV receives personal data of employees directly or via their employer, with whom INVINITIV carries out contractually agreed activities. This includes name (initials, first name, last name), email address, and phone number. The data is deleted after the termination of a contract.

The personal data of contact persons at companies is used by us to maintain the relationship, to inform customers about changes in the service offer, to send quotes, and to invoice for the performed agreement.

The personal data of hired employees is used to execute the agreement with them. The personal data of in-house employees is used to fulfill the obligations we have as an employer.

The Website

Everyone who visits our website will leave data behind. We collect data to improve the website. For your convenience, we use functional, analytical, and tracking cookies, after you have given permission. Once placed, cookies can be adjusted via the settings of the browser you are using. We do not share the data collected in this way with third parties. Nor do we use it to provide you with information in any other way. More information about cookies can be found at:

Your Rights

Upon request, INVINITIV will send you an overview of the personal data we have registered. You can submit changes to this, or requests to delete data from our customer files. We will execute this within a period of one week. Data in the financial administration is retained in accordance with the requirements of the tax authorities. Requests can be sent to If you are dissatisfied with how we handle your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.


INVINITIV has stored all personal data in programs and files that are secured in collaboration with our suppliers. The measures ensure that:

  • Only authorized employees have access;
  • Data is not lost or incorrect;
  • No unnecessary data are stored or data kept for too long.

The security meets current standards and is periodically evaluated and adjusted if necessary.